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Stopping Leaks is Our Specialty!

TPO Roofing Options

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TPO roofing (thermoplastic polyolefin) offers a superior reflective weather shield for any home or commercial building in North Dakota. Our roofers at Metal Masters Construction regularly install this single-ply roofing membrane on low-slope roofs as a replacement for the old materials.

TPO roofing is white on purpose, it is made to reflect infrared heat from the sun. While TPO is a great choice for warmer climates, it's still a smart choice for North Dakota low-slope roofs. In our cold climate, the heat energy of the building is kept inside due to the emissive properties of the roof and how the material works. This is why there are northern utility companies who offer incentives and rebates for TPO roofing.

During the installation, membrane rolls are overlapped and welded together to form an exceptionally durable, waterproof and energy-efficient shield that will deliver unsurpassed protection for years to come.

If it's time to replace your low-slope roof in North Dakota, TPO roofing is definitely a roof type to consider. Contact our Minot roofing company if you would like to set up a free estimate and consultation so we can assess your roof type and answer your questions about TPO roofing.

TPO Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Repairing TPO roofs involves understanding the material and getting the training necessary to determine which products and methods are best. In addition to TPO roofing installation, you can count on Metal Masters Construction for expert repairs and maintenance if you own this roof type. Remember, stopping leaks is our specialty!

Free TPO Roof Inspections

Your TPO roofing system should be professionally inspected about every 6 months as a part of regular roof maintenance. We offer free roof inspections for all roof types throughout North Dakota.

Our professional certified roof inspector covers every aspect of your TPO roof system from top to bottom including ventilation, insulation, drainage, and all projections through the roof. Contact us today to set up your free roof inspection.

If you are looking for TPO roofing service for your North Dakota home or commercial building, please call 701-500-7577 or complete our online consultation form.