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EPDM Roofing Options

epdm roofing

Do you have a low-slope roof in North Dakota that needs to be replaced? One of the most popular roof types for homes and commercial buildings worldwide is the EPDM roofing system. If you need a local roofer who installs and repairs EPDM roofing, call Metal Masters Construction for service.

EPDM roofing is a very durable single-ply rubberized membrane for low-slope roofs. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a specific type of synthetic rubber that has elastomeric properties which keep the material flexible and waterproof for many years.

Our North Dakota residential and commercial customers with low-slope roofs often choose the EPDM roofing system because of its ability to provide outstanding resistance to sunlight damage, tears, snow, and freezing ice. If you would like more information or want to schedule a free estimate and consultation, call our Minot roofing company today.

EPDM Roof Repairs & Maintenance

EPDM rubber roofs are easy to maintain and they are expected to last around 25-30 years. The surface is tough and resists damage from scuffs and impacts. Plus, our roofers often use a liquid of the same material for roof repairs on this roofing system. We can easily patch your EPDM roofing system to extend its life for more years to come.

To avoid repairs, keep debris and tree limbs offer your rubber roof and inspect for loosening at the seams or crumbling of the roof sealant. You can use a mild dish-washing detergent and water to clean your rubber roof.

Free EPDM Roof Inspections

In addition to installation, repair, and replacement of EPDM roofing systems, our professionals offer free roof inspections to customers throughout North Dakota. This is just one way we can make sure your roofing system lasts for as long as it should. And, we've been doing roof inspections for so long it's become second nature to us when we help customers take care of their roofs.

Our commercial and residential EPDM roof inspections are performed by a master roofer who holds the appropriate certification. Let our experts give your rubber roof a thorough inspection today.

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If you are looking for EPDM roofing service for your North Dakota home or commercial building, please call 701-500-7577 or complete our online consultation form.