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Top 4 Reasons Metal Roofing Is So Popular Among Homeowners In North Dakota

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Ask any of the reputable roofing contractors that have worked in the industry for several years about metal roofing, and you'll hear about how it went from utilitarian to trendy. Once used primarily for industrial, commercial, and functional purposes, metal roofing is no longer just something you'll see on a shed.

More than likely, you've seen attractive metal roofing and not even realized that's what it was because it can easily mimic the appearance of fanicer and more ornate roofing materials. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about and trying to determine if metal would be right for your roof, it's time to learn about some of the best benefits.

Understanding The Advantages Of Metal For Your Roofing System

The first thing to discuss is the fact that metal roofing is more of an upfront financial investment. If you're looking for the lowest costing option, metal isn't the best choice, but the benefits make it well worth the higher price tag. In other words, with metal roofing you get what you pay for and you get your money's worth.


While asphalt shingles provide homeowners with up to 20 years of service, your metal roof can get more than double and sometimes triple that! With proper installation and ongoing maintenance, a metal roof can last 50 or more years.

Energy Efficiency

Quality metal roofing will reduce attic heat gain and reduce energy costs, making it a good choice for improved energy efficiency. While it may cost more upfront, you'll see savings over time with the decrease in your air conditioning bills.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofing isn't just sturdy, it's resistant to common problems like heat, fire, and even wind. Metal rooftops may offer better protection and greater peace of mind than asphalt shingles.


Metal roofing can be constructed from recycled metal and recycled once it's completed its life cycle. For homeowners who care about the environment and making earth-conscious decisions, metal is the obvious choice.

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