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Our Minot painting company is proud to be a leading service provider of interior and exterior painting for homes and commercial buildings throughout North Dakota. Our team takes great pride in our work no matter how large or small the project you have in mind.

Our painting company at Metal Masters Construction believes in providing the best customer service possible whether we are painting your entire commercial building or applying our roof coatings. Our painting company takes on all sizes of interior and exterior painting jobs in North Dakota, so call today.


The painting company you choose for interior painting will directly affect the quality of the outcome. It's unfortunate, but many professionals either want to cut corners or they don't know how to properly prepare the wood, plaster, stucco, or drywall surfaces.

When you hire our interior painting experts, you'll enjoy professional quality results that look amazing for all surfaces including on walls, doors, shelving, ceilings, trim and moldings.


Exterior painting is a great way to make an outstanding first impression in your neighborhood. Whether you just don't like the color that a previous owner applied or your paint finish is getting old, the only way to improve the overall appearance is with exterior painting.

Our professional house painters can provide a quality exterior finish that improves your home's curb appeal. Even if you just want to apply a fresh coat of the same exterior paint color you already have, let us offer you a competitively priced estimate and consultation today.


Are you looking for a commercial painting expert who can help you seal and protect your building? Whether you manage the building or your business owns it, our commercial painting contractors have you covered for top-quality service and products.

Our focus as a local professional painting company is to provide superior results to every customer. We want you to be completely satisfied with our commercial painting service, so we will work hard to solve any problems if you aren't happy.

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If you are looking for a painting company for your North Dakota home, please call 701-500-7577 or complete our online consultation form.